I started off the year with some ambitious crafting goals! I’ve been kinda terrible at blogging, but I have taken lots of pictures so maybe it’s time for a quick check in!

  • January – Hawaii
    • Amy Butler Weekender Bag: Done! I actually had to do some hands sewing while in Hawaii to get it done, but I did! And it brought home alllll the fabric I bought, too. 

  • April – Dapper Day at Disneyland!!!
    • I didn’t originally think is actually make something new on time, but I did! Using my trusty Vintage Vogue pattern, I made another halter dress in a beautiful cotton I picked up in Hawaii. And I even made Bon a new dress!

  • May – HAMILTON!!:  Didn’t happen 😦
  • July – Jane Austen Festival:  This one started off really strong. I made the chemise and stays, but when I went to get my pattern, some critical bodice pieces were missing. 😦 there just want enough time in the end to switch direction so I went with no costume and instead made myself feel better by purchasing a ton of jewelry from Dames a la Mode. And a stays kit from Redthreaded along with commemorative busk. And a Burnley & Trowbridge scarf. So I think I did ok.

So that’s what I’ve accomplished so far. Now for what’s left:

  • August – 18th century gown making class: I signed up for this class spur of the moment while I was still in Kentucky. But how could I pass up the opportunity?? Nevermind that I no longer has stays. Or the right shift, bum pad, or petticoat. But I did have a Larkin & Smith kit! And Ikea! And damned if I was going to pass this up. So I’ve been working on these stays non-stop ever since, night done king sized duvets from Ikea for fabric, and cranked out a better bum pad using one of the king sized pillow shams and scrap fabric. I REFUSE TO NOT BE PREPARED!

  • December – Dickens Fair: Yea yea, there’s still time, right?