November is well under way by now, which means Dickens is quickly approaching. Rather than face the same last-minute panic as last year, Roo and I have gone through everything in my closet and determined that absolutely none of my costumes are 100% good to go (some fixes are as simple as needing to move the skirt hooks, other pieces may be better off remade entirely).

Below is my slightly terrifying list of things to do. As are what I need for my first weekend, Bs are getting the rest of my costumes up to snuff for the rest of the season, Cs are the nice to haves, and Ds are the things I’ll get to once everything else is done. Take pity on me.

Priority    Dress                           Description                                   
A             Aqua/Orange Paisley     Bodice closures (~1″)
A             Aqua/Orange Paisley     Skirt placket
A             Aqua/Orange Paisley     Let out side seams (~1″ total)
A             Aqua/Orange Plaid        Remake sleeve bands with elastic
A             Aqua/Orange Plaid        Tack down bodice snaps
A             Aqua/Orange Plaid        Skirthooks
A             Aqua/Orange Plaid        Skirt placket
A             Burgundy/Gold Plaid     Make underskirt (gold)
A             Underskirt                    Make orange underskirt
A             Yellow Petticoat            New laces
B             Red/Green Plaid           Bodice closures (~1″)
B             Red/Green Plaid           Hem underskirt
B             Burgundy/Gold Plaid     Sew new back seams
B             Red/Green Plaid           Grommets in underskirt
B             Red/Green Plaid           Grommets in overskirt
B             Red/Green Plaid           Underskirt placket
B             Red/Green Plaid           Overskirt placket
C             Aqua/Orange Paisley    More bows!
C             Aqua/Orange Paisley    Bleach bottom
C             Aqua/Orange Plaid        D-ring in bodice
C             Aqua/Orange Stripe       Remake sleeve cuffs (with elastic)
C             Aqua/Orange Stripe       Grommets in underskirt
C             Aqua/Orange Stripe       Grommets in overskirt
C             Aqua/Orange Stripe       Overskirt placket
C             Aqua/Orange Stripe       Underskirt placket
C             Red/Green Plaid            Attach ruffles to overskirt
D             Blue Petticoat               Bleach ruffle
D             Belle                            Move skirt hooks to edge
D             Blue Satin                    Grommets in skirt
D             Blue Satin                    Bodice placket
D             Blue Satin                    Bertha
D             Plain Petticoat              Add third ruffle
D             Purple Plaid                  Undersleeves
D             Purple Plaid                  Remake vest in cotton
D             Purple Plaid                  Remake underskirt in cotton
D             Purple Plaid                  Move skirthooks