Note: Somehow this post didn’t actually get posted last week, so… this one’s a little out of order.

I’m not entirely certain where October went, but it’s suddenly November and  have a long list of things to do and not as much time as I’d like to do it all in.

Here are some highlights for the next couple of months:

  • Nov 3 – Disneyland! Monte Cristos at the Blue Bayou, the Haunted Mansion, Star Tours…
  • Nov 11 – San Mateo Harvest Festival (I must buy more Hennessey maple syrup!)
  • Nov 20 – My birthday! Woohoo!
  • Nov 22 – Thanksgiving! Probably my favorite holiday and I might event get snow this year! Unfortunately, this means I’ll be missing the opening weekend of Dickens. 😦
  • Dec 1/2 – My first weekend back at Dickens! I am already humming Bangers & Mash songs everywhere I go and thinking of tea and shopping and feathers.
  • Dec 8 – Final site visits for the wedding venue. After this, planning begins in earnest. More on this later.
  • Dec 9+ – Back to Dickens every weekend up to Christmas. It hasn’t even started yet, but I’m sure just like every year I’ll be wondering where the time went and how it all passed so quickly.

Pretty much every year I find myself faced with a closet full of dresses and there’s always the suspense of getting dressed that first weekend and desperately hoping everything still fits. Sometimes it does…. and sometimes it doesn’t; the doesn’t generally leading to a not-so-minor morning meltdown where I cry a while and swear I’m throwing everything in the trash and never doing this again because it all just sucks.

But this year I will *not* go through that! The plan is to pull everything out of the closet, try everything on, and then start making alterations. I’ll decide in advance which dresses I’ll wear my first weekend so I can make sure there are no first weekend meltdowns and possibly start culling some dresses to (hopefully) sell online so I can start making new ones.

I’m also putting together a handy checklist of things to look out for while I try things on and am debating printing labels to keep with each dress describing what types of alterations need to be made.

Fingers crossed everything gets done in time!