Every now and then I’ll come across some fabric that just needs to come home with me. I won’t have a project for it, but that doesn’t always keep me from buying it anyway. A couple of years ago I bought a yard of fabric with deep purple pansies on a cream background and despite having no project for it and going through multiple fabric destashes since, it’s always stuck around because I thought it was so pretty. So when I decided I to make a carrier for my circular needles, I knew exactly which fabric to use.

There are 16 pockets total, each 4″x6″, and just what I needed! The only changes I’d make to a future version would be to create flaps for each row of pockets so they don’t possibly fall out and a ribbon to tie the whole thing closed. The only real downside to the project is that I *still* have more of this fabric left… So who wants a circular needle holder?