After a few months of life going pear-shaped, things seem to be back in order. Quite a bit has happened since my last post (though none of it seemed to do with costuming):
  • Our car broke down, was towed, and needed the alternator replaced.
  • Our car was towed after we missed a repaving notice.
  • Our car was *stolen*, though later found, towed, and had some very expensive repairs done to get it driveable again.
  • I made some really excellent fabric curlers and figured out how to French braid my hair before cutting all my hair off a month later. (Alright, I got a little sewing in.)

Hurrah fabric curlers! Surprisingly simple to make and used up some stash fabric and buttons.
Very effective at curling hair. I was impatient and didn’t quite wait for my hair to dry completely or I expect the curls would be even more fantastic.
Before haircut. Dy, dry hair with excessive splitting.
Fantastic new hair (also gone back to brown). Of course it never looked this good again.

  • I bought a new tiara from an antique mall in Monterey (that counts as costuming, right??)

I need to get rid of the crappy side combs, but it fits perfectly otherwise.

  • I was a part of the fabulous wedding of Roo and Nate (and made a fun 50s cocktail dress for the occasion (Okay, that does count as sewing).

That’s right. Aqua and orange!

Good spin!
A better shot of the jewelry that went with it.

  • Holy crap I got engaged. Commence Pinterest board and drama.
    He beat me to it by 2 months.His great-grandmother’s ring from the 1920s.
  • I went to the hospital for chest pains and a possible blood clot only to emerge out the other end of it all with stress pains, a bottle of Aleve, and a $2,800 bill.
  • I discovered Alabama Chanin and my life is better for it.

That’s all for now in the brief time I have. I’ll post again soon with some new sewing goals for the next year and costumes in the queue!