Before I get too far down, I’ll apologize for the recent disorganization of my tags and categories. Most of you probably don’t even notice it, but after spending 3 minutes trying to decide whether to create a new category or a new tag for this post and not really sure what to name it, I decided I’d spent 3 minutes too long on this and clearly need to sit down and rework them so I don’t run into this in the future.

Anyway. Moving on.

This month was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and there’s been quite a bit of hoopla over it in terms of costuming events. Specifically, the April Gaskell Ball should hopefully get quite a bit of 1912s costumes. Not having enough to do between still not having touched the Dalek Day Dress, finished the lining on my sister’s bag so I can finally mail her presents before she outgrows them, and knitting a shawl for Roo, I decided I, too, needed a 1912s dress despite having close to zero knowledge about the clothes.

Luckily, Jo over at Bridges on the Body began hosting a sew-a-long for the corset needed to give the correct shape. It’s taken a few months, but I finally finished my corset last night! If you follow my Twitter feed, I technically should have had this done Monday night, but I had a dentist appointment on Monday that ran longer into my time off than I wanted which meant not eating dinner until late and still needing to motivate myself and Joe to get off our lazy asses and do some Wii Fit (which is hilarious, by the way).

But now it’s done! And it fits! I mean, of course it fits. I did the fitting like it recommended, but there was definitely still a moment of terror as Joe laced me in that it just wouldn’t fit at all.

From the front:

A good view of the silhouette:

From the side:

And from the back:


It’s slightly different on the model than on me – for example, it laces closed very comfortably. So much so, that I am vaguely worried I’ve done something wrong. Even though this corset is built for very minor reductions, I’m far more used to the 4-5″ I get from my mid-Victorian corset. Also, my front is not nearly so flat, but I gotten around to padding the form yet. This could possibly be solved with a little more boning in the front, but…eh. It’s good enough, especially for a first try.

There are a few steps I, uh, missed from the sew-a-long but if you can’t see them, I’m not going to point them out.

Fabric from Joann Fabrics, gorgeous bias trim, busk, boning, bone casings, and grommets from Lacis. Lace from… somewhere else. And shoelaces to lace it up.

Now on to draping the dress!