The last thing I needed to have a wearable dress was to make some sleeves. I had a pattern for straight sleeves already made, but I wanted this one to be a little different. Rather than the completely straight sleeves of the original, I opted to go for straight on the bottom with giant puffs at the top.

I had inches to spare after laying the yellow ribbon and surprised myself by having a couple of yards of the green trim left over (enough, I wagered, to trim a ballgown bodice!). I sewed the trim down, sewed the seam for each piece, cut a second set of sleeve pieces and sewed those seams and used them as lining for the sleeves. It looked beautiful, but I’ll need to find another way to do it in the future because it was a very close call to not being able to get that sleeve on the short arm of my sewing machine to sew around the cuffs (I have small wrists).

At this point I was sewing so fast to finish that I failed to take any more pictures. I didn’t have time to attach the green ribbon pleats to the bottom of the overskirt (though, by god, this will be done after that nightmare), but it was entirely wearable and I’m pretty damn happy with it.

Obviously, the picture is too dark to make out all of the details, but once I attach the green ribbon pleats and we buy our new digital camera there will be some better pictures taken in the daylight.

For now, another dress done (mostly). Two to go!