If you’ve ever been to a Renaissance Faire before you’ll know that there are some really amazing vendors out there. Sometimes you’ll be drawn to an entire stall where you have to talk yourself out of buying everything on the tables; other times there’s one special thing you’re drawn to that outshines everything else. This past season at Ardenwood it was the latter for me. If you asked me what type of booth we were walking by, I couldn’t  tell you, but remember seeing this just as we started to pass and immediately stopped.

It was an absolute perfect match for the red/green/gold plaid and I knew I had to have every bit of it. At $5/yd, I bought all 10 yds and would have bought more if they’d had any.

That, coupled with some yellow-gold satin ribbon, and I had the trim for my overdress.

I’ll admit, I’m a little disappointed in the ribbon. I didn’t want satin, I wanted velvet. I didn’t want it to look shiny and synthetic because it stuck out from the rest of the dress and that wasn’t the feature I wanted people to see first. But, I also couldn’t bring myself to go to Britex and spend that much money for the 9 yards of velvet I’d want. So, I let it go, thinking that I’d make up for it somewhere else and hey, at least it was the right color.

The last piece to the overskirt was the pleats along the hem. I cut and hemmed the overskirt so there was only about 2″ left below the ribbon trim I’d just attached. The underskirt was visible, but once I attached the pleats that wouldn’t be a problem. All I had to do was find the right ribbon.

And so Joe and I began our search. I initially thought we’d have no problem with this. I actually wanted it to be satin this time and so our first stop was Joanns. Except I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a rich olive green, not the electric or kelly greens I kept running into, and I needed it to be wide, 4″ ideally. Nothing. We went to do different stores and there was nothing even close.

We left the second store with some backup organza. It was dark green, wide enough, and on sale.

It worked….sort’ve. Except it wasn’t really the color I was looking for and it wasn’t satin. I was having to settle again and I just couldn’t do it. So back we went to the stores to find something, anything, that would work better. We played with the idea of using a thicker red ribbon and sewing thinner green ribbon on top of it in stripes. I had another bag full of ribbon, but it still just didn’t feel right.

So the dress sat on the form, unfinished. Until I went to Stonemountain & Daughter with a need for hook and eye tape. And then I found this:

25 yards of 4″ satin ribbon in the perfect shade of green. Don’t ask me how much it cost; you don’t want to know. But there was no way I could leave without it now that I knew it existed.