I purchased the fabric for this dress on my last trip to Mecca. The 7 yards I purchased didn’t seem like it would be enough for any of the dress ideas I had in mind until I ran across this dress (courtesy Defunct Fashion):

More about it at Antique-Frock.com. It was amazing and I had to have it, but having neither $1200 nor the measurements to fit into the original, my only other option was to make it.

Thanks to the magic of photo editing on my tablet, I was able to have a better idea of what kind of insanity I was getting myself into…

I could minimize the amount of the plaid I’d need by making it the underskirt (and saving just enough for a ball gown bodice later on), but it meant finding the perfect fire engine red fabric. Conveniently, I managed to find 8 yards of light weight dupioni at Joann Fabrics. Not only was it on sale, but I had the magic of a 40% coupon….

Trusting that I’d find the rest of my materials as I went, it was time to get started on making the underskirt.