October, as anyone who’s been unlucky enough to catch me in one of my chattier moods regarding my up and coming projects, was reserved for the Dalek Day Dress for Dickens. I’ve had this one on my mind for over a year and have a pretty decent idea of what I’d like the dress to look like at this point. However. as you may have noticed, it’s no longer October and I haven’t even touched it.

So, I’m making the executive decision that I will hold off on October’s dress until the next two are done. I’ll keep the existing names and tags just because I’m too lazy to have to go back and change *everything*, but don’t be confused when you go hunting for an October dress and can’t find anything. My primary objective is to have this be the most omg terrifying/awesome dress I’ve ever made, and I don’t really want to rush that.

To make it up to you, here’s a picture I scribbled back in July with some initial thoughts on the design. The skirt will remain pretty much as drawn, though the bodice has changed completely into a vest/bolero combination.