Damn, it’s been much longer than I wanted or expected without an update. No, this is still not a proper update, but it is me sitting down for a minute to remind myself that while I don’t need to update every single day (as much as I really want to) I should still check in and not NOT post out of guilt.

The Belle dress is on minor hold. The bodice is actually half done, but I never sat down and wrote the post. I was doing great until I realized my mistake of using black boning channels instead of white or canvas and when I tried it on and could see them through the silk. Boo. A quick, but annoying fix that just needs to get done. The base of the skirt is also done, but needs to be cut into a more circular shape since it’s made of trapezoids. Also, it’s possible that I’ve been intentionally procrastinating on cutting those swags….

In the meantime, I’m doing my best to focus on getting rid of my stomach bug, which has been keeping me from enjoying most of my food and to lose some weight in an unhealthy way. Yay medical bills…

Debating the idea of starting a Facebook page for the blog, if only because that’s where I post all of my pictures anyway before they make it here and I’ve been tinkering with opening up my private stash of fashion plates. Well, not technically mine since I’ve been scavenging them from The Internet for years, but it would also require me to sit down and properly credit all of them. All 1000+… Oof…

To make up for the lack of substance, however, I’ll leave you with a shot of some fabulous swatches from Silk Baron. My bride’smaid dress will be made from the aqua shot with orange. Fabulous.