So I haven’t gotten too far on the dress. Firstly, I’m still looking for my missing bodice pattern. The last time I had it, I was working on May’s dress, which means it has to be somewhere in the apartment. Somewhere. That, or I mistook it for scraps and threw it away. Uh oh.
Second, while working on the petticoat this morning, I discovered just how much strain a pair of pinking scissors could put on my knuckles. After pinking the edges of 7 pieces (in addition to the pinking from the previous night), my knuckles were blistered and sore in three places. Unfortunately, this means using a regular pair of scissors to cut tonight was out of the question as my hand started to ooze after the first cut.
Well, at least there’s a bit of progress…
Use *all* the pins?
After pinning the pleats to my board, I started repinning them to prep them for sewing. Not wanting to take any chances on slippage or missing pleats, I pinned the skirt to an inch of its life. Actually, more like a quarter inch of its life.
I went extra slow and paid special attention to every pleat as it went under the foot. Even still, when I turned the skirt over, I found a number of places where the fabric had drifted up and I’d sewn the wrinkles down. I probably could have gone on just fine, but I decided to be good, unpicked the mistakes, and resewed the areas.
In the end, it looks great! I had hoped to attach the waistband tonight, too, but without being able to hold a pair of scissors, it’ll have to wait a day or two.
  1. Skirt
    1. Pleat
    2. Sew pleats down
    3. Cut waistband, sew up sides, turn
    4. Sew pleats to waistband
    5. Sew up back seam
    6. Hem
    7. Modesty panel
    8. Skirt hooks
  2. Bodice
    1. Cut canvas from pattern, fit
    2. Cut silk from canvas
    3. Attach boning channels to canvas
    4. Sew silk/canvas pieces together, leaving side seams open.  Understitch.
    5. Sew side seams. Overlock, pink, or seam bind inside.
    6. Grommet
    7. Shoulder straps and elastic
  3. Bertha
    1. Gold with snaps
    2. Silver with snaps