I know I’m still working on July’s dress, but since all of my materials are at Christina’s house now, I needed something I could work on while at home. So, I’ve started work early on August’s dress. So far this year, I’ve managed to wear a different ballgown to every Gaskell and it would be a shame to break the record with two weeks to spare.

I’m also starting to work on the Halloween Gaskell dress, which I think will take considerable time. Plus, getting such an early start on it means being able to work on multiple projects at once. Like August’s dress.

The idea for the dress originally started forming a couple of years ago after watching the first Symphony of Science video. Hokey as it may sound, I wanted a dress that would remind me of space and the stars.

Star stuff, I am made of it, bitches.

That same year, I bought this fabric.

10 yds, 45″ wide, silk satin

The color is much darker, like a grayish navy. It was the closest to a real blue-black I could find without going to taffeta or dupioni. I’d also planned on hand sewing a bagillionty Swarovski crystals along the hem and a few on the bodice. I’d still love to do this, but I don’t think I have the time just now.

Instead, I plan to make a convertible bodice depending on the underskirt color.

6 yds, 45″ wide, silk satin

Since there’s only 6 yards, I’ll likely need to gore the skirt to get the full hem of 8-10 yards. Or, I can be a little crazier and make a full petticoat.

6 yds, 45″ wide, china silk

I’d originally planned to make a petticoat out of this instead of just a basic underskirt, and I may still, but the last time I tried to work with china silk on a larger scale than a simple chemise, I nearly tore my hair out when I could not get the fabric to stop moving. I’m thinking weights this time, and pins until I have *all* the pins.

Similar to the way I trimmed the embroidered silk taffeta gown, I was to make both a silver and a gold bertha (is it really a bertha at that point?) and have them attach to the key bodice points with snaps. That way, I can wear whichever one I want. Or I could go extra crazy and wear some weird combination of the two with *both* skirts.

Wanting to get as much of a head start as possible, I set aside 2 yards and pleated the remaining 8 yards down to 26″.


This picture gives a little bit better of an idea of the true color. Also, this stuff moves like water.

So, there we are. Tonight I hope to at the very least sew the pleats down and cut out a waistband. Since 2 yards seems like so much fabric, I kinda hope I have enough left over to make a third bertha out of the same fabric and possibly just cover it in crystals.

Did I mention I’m completely normal?