Yesterday’s sewing was both a win and a fail. I got a good start on the dress, but then totally failed at basic bloomers.

I started by transferring all of the Vogue pattern pieces onto wrapping paper. Since, if this pattern works out well, I plan on making as many of these as I have fabric for, we thought it would be best to use something a little sturdier than tissue paper.

First, came the bust pieces.

Outer fabric

Lining (woooo, fuscia!)

Next, came the front piece.

Outer fabric


Finally, there were the back pieces.

After the bodice pieces, I started cutting out the skirt panels. Panels because I didn’t have a choice if I wanted my pattern to be facing the correct direction. The only annoying part was that the pattern pieces really were just giant rectangles and if I’d realized this sooner, I would have just cut giant rectangles at the correct length and just left the pattern pieces in the bag.

When all of the outer fabric cutting was done, this was all I had left. I’m thinking of making a bag out of it.

Now, the fail came after I decided to take a break from the Hawaiian dress. I set it aside, thinking I could quickly make a pair of princess print bloomers to wear to Gaskells. Well, it didn’t work out as well as I’d thought. I forgot to add ease in the hips to the point that I could just snug them on and the inseam was set so low it was half way to my knees. *sigh* So, now I need to make yet another trip to the fabric store to rebuy my fabric and get it right next time…

Also, today I determined the base pattern for a new petticoat which I will finish (hopefully) before the next Gaskell.