Finally, the heavy lifting portion of the move is done. It took all day Saturday, but whatever open spaces we had before are now filled with his furniture and the two Ikea Expedits we bought. There’s a couple more trips left at his old place, but nothing we need the pickup for (thank god). Sunday was equally busy and ended with fondue. So. Much. Fondue. I’m not entirely certain how I’ll ever be able to eat again after that.

In between everything else, however, I came up with a way to keep track of the fabric swatches for all of my in-progress or planned projects.


I found a 4×6″ soft cover photo album at Walgreens and it seems to work perfectly. I stapled each swatch onto an index card and left enough room to write down the project, fabric measurements, content, where/when I bought it, and the price if I still remembered. It will definitely be handy when I’m wandering through a fabric store and run into fabric or trim that would go great with this other thing but I have no clue what the exact color is. Also, assuming I can remember to write down the prices, it should also help me not overspend if I know I can buy something cheaper somewhere else.

Tuesday is the start date for July’s dress and it will continue on Saturday and possibly Sunday depending on other plans. Plans for the next 12 in 12 dress are forming and I’ll likely start working on the Belle gown for Halloween Gaskells then. I don’t think the dress itself will take longer than other dresses I’ve made, but I do also want to put together some more petticoats and after 4 years of hard use, my corset finally started to crumble after a bone poked through the coutil on the side. Guess this means I either need to have another one commissioned or possibly try my own hand at it. Although I’ve been playing with the idea of learning to make (good) corsets for next year’s project, I don’t know if I really have the time to do one justice this year.

In the meantime, time to finish the clown sweater!