I really did go into Joann Fabrics with the full intention of only buying the embroidery thread I needed. I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything else, least of all fabric. Just in, straight to the floss, and out with only a few dollars gone from my wallet.

Obviously that didn’t really go as planned.

This is where I had to stop on the clown sweater.


I picked up some absolutely beautiful yarn from Artfibers in San Francisco. The name is Sylph and it’s 76% silk, 19% superkid mohair, and 5% wool and it feels like a dream. However, I think I will forever call this yarn Clown Hair. As in hair from a clown. A clown who lives off the souls of innocent unicorns. I think it’s fitting.

It started off well enough. I started off towards the floss and just as I was going to turn down the aisle, a small red sign caught my eye. A sale sign. It was inevitable, really, that I’d lose the battle of wills between myself and that fabric.

There are no words…

For those aren’t yet familiar with my particular sickness, I have a small addiction to the combination of aqua and orange. A passing fancy, if you will. I only have 1, 2, 3 other dresses in these colors, with a fourth already planned as a bridesmaid dress for Roo’s wedding. In my defense, she said that if I wanted an orange dress, I had to buy an aqua petticoat. It’s not entirely my fault! So now I’ll have 5.

Unfortunately, there was only 6 yards on the bolt and nothing larger in any other store, so I’ll have to find a new way to combine an accent color. I’m also thinking about doing some light beading around the border color of some of the paisleys.

Well, once I’d caved on that first fabric, there was no stopping me.

Just be glad I passed on the Superman-colored plaid.

There was only 7.5 yards left again, so yet another challenge for maximizing the fabric. I’m thinking of trimming this one in the green.

As I wandered up and down the aisles, I remembered a comment that Roo had made about the prices at Thai Silks going up. Thanks to my handy dandy Blackberry, I was able to quickly look up that their current price for dupioni is $31.50 at 54″ wide. Although the light weight dupioni at Joann’s was only 45″ wide, it was also $6.50/yd cheaper and here it was in front of me. Armed with a 50% off coupon, I bought the bolt at 8 yards to go with the plaid I bought in Mecca this year.


Though it boosted the total cost significantly, even with the coupon, I reasoned that I would need to buy the fabric this year anyway since this dress is on my 12 in 12 list and we wouldn’t be making another Mecca trip until next year where I might find it cheaper. And even though it’s a light weight silk, paneling it with the plaid silk should weight it down to give it a good spin weight.

But, I did buy the floss. That has to count for something…. right?