The front is done!

After one of the busiest weekends I’ve had all year, I wasn’t sure if I had the energy (or sanity) to sit down and finish this.

I’m so sorry.

Currently blocking along with the back piece. I’ve found that it wants to stretch taller than the other piece, but not as wide. Nature of the beast, I suppose, but it should fit fine. The right side also looks a little crooked compared to the left, so I’m hoping the blocking will solve the slant. Or possibly just add to the creepiness.

The yarn store is closed today, of course, which means I can’t get the yarn I need for the sleeves. I’ll try Britex on my lunch break, otherwise Joe will go to Article Pract for me on Tuesday while I’m getting my drink on with the ladies.

Joe carefully explained to me, however, that if he woke up and found this his face, he was moving out. I hadn’t actually had that thought until he brought it up…