Another one done! Well that only took forever.

Between the trip to Spain, unpacking Joe’s stuff, and my general laziness, I wound up losing the dress for a while under a pile of growing stuff on my craft desk. But I finally broke down last week and cleared the desk off, which meant I really had no excuses left for why I couldn’t finish.

Friday night after work I sat down and picked up the dress, along with the usual cloud of cat hair. Making lists tends to help me through the process so I took stock of what still needed to be done:

-Hem the bottom
-Insert zipper and sew up the back seam
-Bind the neckline
-Bind the armholes
-Oh, and apparently finish the second sleeve which I left unfinished. With pins sticking out of it. Ow.

After I finished the second sleeve, the next thing I did was bind the neckline and armholes.

Possibly the clearest picture I’ve ever taken on my phone.

I decided to forgo the front ties because I was short on bias tape and I completely forgot about them as I was binding, so it was convenient I was already short on bias tape.

The Internet wasn’t too helpful with how to insert a zipper into a fully lined dress. Most wanted the sides to not be sewn yet and I had already progressed far beyond that. I did find one helpful suggestion which was to sew it as usual to the outer fabric and then to the lining by hand to hid the stitches.

I try to avoid hand sewing as much as possible, so I just machine sewed it down and the stitches show on the front, but only a little since it’s black thread.

Also, I lost my zipper foot forever ago so I tend to flatten my zipper out by hand (no ironing, either) and I have yet to break a needle on the teeth so I must be doing something right.

See? You can barely see the stitches on the right side.

Conveniently, the white thread lets you see my (mostly) straight line of stitches attaching the zipper to the lining.

Then it was just a matter of turning the dress inside out through the bottom and sewing the lining outer fabric pieces together but not attaching the lining to the outer fabric. I think that made sense.

Ignore the boxes. It fits!

I don’t really know what happened here. I don’t really look like a flat board in the front. The dress wasn’t hemmed yet, though, so possibly it was just hanging weird.

Party in the back!

The next day we had some things to do in San Francisco, so of course I found every piece of black and white clothing I could to go with it.

This guy? I love this guy. We’re planning on running away together.

Unfortunately it’s not a full shot of the dress, nor did I have the brains to take off my jacket, but it is proof that the dress is finished and I did wear it out. Go me!

And with that, the 12 in 12 project is half way done. Wow. I didn’t know if I could really pull it off or not, so I’m fairly impressed with myself. I think so far the only thing I wished I’d started from the beginning was a running list of things to keep in mind when making X type of clothing and a list of materials and costs for each outfit to see how much I tend to spend. Ah well, next time!

Now, on to July!