Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about June! I’m just a few steps away from completing it, but I can at least write July’s intro post in the meantime.

Roo, Christina, and I are testing out a potential pattern for Roo’s wedding dress, specifically this Vintage Vogue pattern. Another friend had made this dress previously and it turned out so drop dead gorgeous that I went out and bought the pattern myself.

Naturally, now that I need it, it’s absolutely no where in my stash which means I’ll have to rebuy it. Possibly along with a few other patterns. Darn.

We decided to test the pattern on some awesome Hawaiian prints that we could use for dancing before cutting into the nice silks. Purchased on our last trip to Mecca, I once again proved my skills at finding some of the most eye-blurring, nausea-inducing fabrics. Actually, there was another print more obnoxious than this one, but I liked these colors better.

Matchy matchy!

There are 6 yards of the green and 2 yards of the pink. Now I need to wash the fabric, order the pattern, and decide what type of trim to make out of the pink!

Do I go for a simple flat band along the hem and bodice with pattern matching? Do I cut out and applique some pink areas on the green in giant polka dots? Do I make the entire skirt in bias cut stripes?

And then…. petticoats!