Remember that offhanded comment I made last time about how I would somehow manage to screw up basic math? Apparently in addition to being unable to use a tape measure (What, “measure-r” is *totally* a word SpellCheck, hmph), I also can’t count.

Originally my gauge came out to 10 rows per inch, but as I started knitting the back piece of the sweater it was clear that if I only knit 30 rows, the sweater would be too short. Thankfully I had my handy 3-sided ruler so I could measure as I went. Also, side note, metal 3-sided rulers are made of evil and will cut you.

Short story shorter, I added 6 rows overall to the back, spaced out the armhole shaping so it actually curved instead of angled, and managed to finish it last night.

I don’t even block my own knits half the time. Now I’m blocking a monkey sweater…

I tried putting it off for as long as I could.

Now I’ve started working on the front. I’m doing stranded knitting, which I haven’t done in a really long time. Since 2006 actually. And, while I don’t seem to have forgotten the technique, I need to be more careful with my tension. My preference is to keep all of the threads super snug and taut in the back, but obviously this means that there’s absolutely no give. Probably not a big deal for a toy sweater, but it’s the principle of the thing, dammit! Also, it’s good practice for future overly ambitious knitting projects.

Getting closer!