Now that I’m back from my trip, it’s time to really get started on the Clown Sweater for ThinkGeek.

I calculated the gauge using US size 1 needles and 6 strand embroidery thread, drew out the measurements for the sweater to fit Timmy, and then put together a chart for the clown face.

Oh hai.

There really aren’t enough words.

Ignore the black eyebrows. They should be red!

Color chart achieved and added some basic shaping and extra stitches on the sides to accommodate the armholes. Since the circumference of the arms is 3″, I’m starting them 1.5″ down from the top. While this may sound logical, I’m sure I’ll find some new way of making an error…

I started the ribbing last night. I figure it’d probably be best if I make the back piece first, since it’s plain white, to make sure it looks okay. I also still need to pick up some Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Killer Red for the sleeves.

An appropriate color name if ever there was.