I’m home!

Spain was great, my little sister has ten fingers and ten toes, and I got a ridiculous amount of knitting done. I’d say something along he lines of “OMG she’s super cute ftw!”, but she just looks like a baby at this point and, as Roo mentioned to me, is really in the potted plant stage of life so she’s not terribly interesting either.

That “smile” is really just her first attempts to eat my soul.

Being less than 3 weeks old meant she stayed inside a lot, which meant we stayed inside a lot with her, which meant the majority of my time was spent knitting.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t actually matter if the baby clothes fit perfectly because she’ll grow into them anyway in a year and not be able to wear them anymore in a few months. Unfortunately, this also means that she is no where near big enough to fit into any of these things yet, so no action shots.

I finished the dress I’d been working on previously. I had just enough yarn to finish it minus an inch or so at the bottom. Woo, stashbustin!

I didn’t have *quite* enough yarn for these. They’re actually supposed to be pants, but I could only get them to the length of shorts. Since I had no idea how big she’d be, I wound up making the largest size for when she’s about 2-3 yrs old. The “blue” is actually a very bright purple in seed stitch and from start to finish, I totally loved making these. The yarn is handspun I bought in 2007 from a local Renaissance Fair and had just been sitting in my stash box for, well, years. Very glad to finally use it up!

I didn’t have time to finish the baby cardigan, but I’m still working on it, along with a couple of other projects and will mail it all to Morocco when it’s done.

Definitely glad to be home and luckily I wasn’t there long enough for reverse jetlag to kick in. I’ve been passing out at my usual 9:00-10:00 and waking up at 5:30-6:00.

Now back to your regularly (un)scheduled program!