Every now and then I come across an idea for a project that is so ridiculous and hilarious that I can’t help but go for it.

It started, as these things sometimes do, with Think Geek. Back in May, they put out a call for costumers to make some new costumes for Timmy, their mascot. Among these – the absolutely terrifying Wil Wheaton clown sweater. Ok, no more links.

Being a knitter, a nerd, and somewhat delusional at the time, of course I signed up to make it. I mean, it’s a sweater for a plush monkey, how the hell long could this take, right? …Right?? And it’s not like I have (Other) (Things) I’m working on anyway,

Really, phone?? Yellow wasn’t bad enough, now you’re turning my pictures blue? *sigh*

Next step is to dig through my overstuffed bag of embroidery thread and grab some of my smaller needle sizes and start knitting test swatches.

Ok, time to end this post. The face is staring at me through the screen and it’s more than a little freaky.

Wish me luck!