This is seriously becoming the dress that just won’t end. Every time I finish a new piece of the dress and I start to feel comfortable with just wearing it as it, I go back to thinking of the master list of things I wanted to do with it. I could have just left it at the bodice and underskirt or I could have just left that overskirt without adding the knife pleats, but every time I tried it on the obnoxiousness of the dress said “This isn’t enough!”.The bottom of the dress was so loud, so busy, so “Look at me!!” that the bodice, despite its terrifying stripe matching, didn’t really match. Some was still missing.

Specifically, sleeves.

But first, I’m realizing that I never did post my last picture of what the full dress looked like on my mannequin.

Swags down.

Yes, I’m watching Stargate in the background.

Swag up

The stripes don’t quite curve the way I’d hoped on the overskirt here, but I also don’t on wearing this without a few petticoats and possibly also a hoop either.

With hoop.

Forgive the terribly droopy hoop. I only realized that I should have taken this picture *before* I had everything fully pinned to the mannequin which meant crawling under the dress to tie it on. But, you still get the idea. This is only with the hoop, no petticoats.

With bodice

And here’s as far back as I could get to take a shot of the full in progress dress. Doesn’t the top just seem to be lacking something? Also, I really need to iron those knife pleats…

Well, since the event is tomorrow, I figured I should probably get cracking on that last piece so I’m not panicking tomorrow trying to finish everything. I’ve never done the puffy cuffed variety of sleeve, but that was clearly what the dress was calling for. How hard can they be?

Sleeve panels just and overlocked.

I didn’t have much fabric left to work with, so I had to cross my fingers that the only piece of fabric I had left would get me the length and puffiness I wanted.

Cut, overlock, sew up the side seam, gather the (not overlocked) bottom edge. Cut 12″ long strips for the cuffs and sew the side seam, make sure the gathering matches the 12″, sew the inside of the sleeve to the cuff, flip, sew the outside of the sleeve to the cuff.

Hey, a sleeve!

Everything is nicely sewn in, and I even managed to not get extra sleeve fabric stuck in the cuff.

Attached to the bodice

Attaching the sleeve to the bodice was easier than I thought. I started at the center bottom, worked my way up both sides until I hit the point where there was more sleeve that bodice and then eyeballed the pleats at the top.

What’s left:
-Finish the second sleeve
-Skirt hooks on overskirt
-Skirt hooks on underskirt
-Possible bertha if I have enough fabric
-Panel for behind the bodice lacing

I have more ideas if I miraculously finish all of this in time that involve giant bows, but that may wind up waiting until the next time I wear it.