Is it really only Thursday?? Really?

Yesterday felt like the longest day yet since I had an all day workshop on business writing for work. Fun, very informative, but there’s nothing that makes me drowsier than being talked at for 9 hours. I brought my knitting with me and at least had something to do during the breaks.

Here’s the progress so far on the dress for my sister, knit from this pattern. This part is the neckline and the upper right hand corner (where it looks like there’s a weird line), is where the opening flap goes and will be buttoned after. I’m half way length-wise through the neck and once I get to the body I’ll be changing to blue and then back to purple for the bands at the end. Once I hit the body portion, the knitting should speed up considerably since it’s all Stockinette stitch.

Speaking of sisters, her name will likely be Sophie! I don’t know why it took 9 months for me to ask/be told, but maybe that just says more about how often we all communicate than anything else. Either way, I’m super excited to meet her (and then hand her back when she starts to cry). Still keeping my fingers crossed for a last week of June trip, which should give me plenty of time to finish this and the next project (longest plane ride evar).

Debating a trip to Joann Fabrics tonight to pick up the bias tape and some lining fabric for June’s dress, though I may have to suck it up and go to Britex on my lunch break so I can make it to the pet store before they close tonight (dear kittehs – stop eating so much, kthxbye).

One last note on the mention of my kittehs – I have bought them a harness to take them on walks. Well, to take Boris on walks because I’m fairly certain Winnie would die of fright if I just left the front door wide open to the hallway. But, I think once Boris gets past the “omg wtf is this” reaction to wearing the harness, he’ll have a good time and should make many friends (and hopefully meet no dogs).

And with that, we’ve added a tag for “kittehs”.