It’s hard to believe it’s already June, which means that soon I’m going to be a big sister! This is going to be a short month for me work and sewing-wise since I’ll be flying to Spain at the end of the June to visit the new little sis and my family. Obviously, I can’t go empty-handed, so  last month I broke out the knitting needles again.

I started a pinwheel sweater first. The first one I made was actually a gift for my boss’s baby and it gave me a good feel for how the pattern goes and what I can do differently in the next version.

The biggest change for the next version is to find a much stretchier cast off, possibly the same one I used for the toe up socks. I’m also not too keen on the garter stitch border, so I may just continue the pinwheel pattern until the end and do a few rows of ribbing to match the sleeves. Part of me wants to stick to one color for the entire thing (way too many ends to weave), and another part wants to try knitting each section of the wheel in a different color. I’ll likely go with the first idea to get it done quicker, and maybe I’ll make another larger one down the line in multiple colors.

Next came a super quick bolero.

The pattern could have been written better, but now I know to not bother with the straight knitting and just start in the round from the start, switch the straight knitting for the body, and back to knitting in the round for the second sleeve. If I make another, I’ll try doing the arms in a twisted ribbing instead of the garter cuff and maybe figure out a nice cable pattern to go across the back.

This morning I started making a dress for her and it looks like it should go quickly, too. So much to do and only two and a half weeks to go!