Last weekend when I picked up the boning for the aqua/orange gown, I took my new green faire bodice to be grommeted at Lacis. Even though I had my hand press at home, I figured I was there, I had some time, so I might as well take advantage of their tools.

Finally, minus covering the eyelets which I’m not in any rush to get to, the dress is done! Joe laced me in quickly and we took a couple shots with my phone.

The front looks pretty decent. Obviously it’s very blurry from the phone, but it seems to lay well. The sides are looking a little wrinkley, but not sure how much of that is due to the rush lacing and weird tension. I’m a little worried that the straps are still too wide and I’ll wind up with bodice burn again, but any narrower and I might as well be using ribbon. Skirt pleats still need to be ironed.

That’s not my faire chemise, btw, just the first blousy thing I could grab to look decent.

The back is super wrinkley. Have no idea if this is because I’m leaning or slouching or the fit. Also, I can’t tell if the waistband is just sitting too low or if the curve in the back of the bodice is too high. So far, not finding much benefit to the curve, but I’ll investigate further this weekend after properly dressed and when I have another set of eyes. Definitely loving the shape of that back neckline.

This weekend is Valhalla Ren Faire which I’m super excited for because A) we haven’t had a faire since October, and B) I’ve never been! Even with the threat of snow, it just makes me more excited. Also, I get to make my first cloak in addition to putting together a new chemise and possibly some sleeves for the dress.