This week I was plugged by Miss Lauren R from American Duchess!

You may know her as the designer of the October Foxhunt or possibly her recent release of the Georgiana shoe or maybe you’ve never heard of her at all (in which case what the hell is wrong with you? Get thee to the internets!).

Most recently she’s started her own 12 in 12 project with a “vintage” twist and her current queue looks fabulous. So, I’ve added it to the site’s Blogroll over on the right and can’t wait to see how it turns out!

I guess this means I should stop procrastinating and get cracking on May’s dress so I don’t look like a complete slacker. So, because I love making lists and they help focus the unending pile of sewing ahead of me, here’s the breakdown, in order, of what I need to get working on.

  1. Bodice:
    -Cut the outer/lining fabric.
    -Sew the front and side pieces of each section together.
    -Attach boning channels as needed to canvas.
    -Sew all front pieces together at all edges except the two sides, turn, and sew the gap closed. I missed this step in January’s dress and wound up with raggedy edges inside so this time I’ll have nice neat edges. The trick is to not make them bulky and poke me in the sides all night.
    -Do the same for the back pieces.
    -Sew front/back pieces together at sides.
    -Try on and cry/scream/cheer about how terrible/crooked/painful the stripes look.
  2. Underskirt
    -Cut the remaining panels.
    -Pleat, sew down pleats.
    -Make waistband. Attach pleats to waistband.
    -Skirt hooks!
    -Take a spin break.
  3. Overskirt
    -Take existing skirt apart.
    -Recut pieces to fit the new waistband. Adjust and sew the drawstring channels for the swags..
    -Recut waistband.
    -Attach skirt to waistband.
    -Skirt hooks!
    -Take another spin break.
  4. Knifepleats
    -Cut the horizontal length of fabric into multiple lengths, sew together.
    -Hem until eyes go blurry.
    -Pleat until there are no more pins. Possibly need to buy more pins. Keep pleating.
    -Attach to overskirt.
  5. Bertha
    -This might be thinking a little far ahead…
I can totally finish all of this in time for the June Gaskell. Totally…
Thank god it’s almost a three day weekend.