So awesome it hurts.

We managed to restrain ourselves much better this year on the first pass through the stores, though we all came to the consensus that this was more to due with some stores not being open and the selection being a little wanting. Don’t get me wrong, we did some damage, but not as much as we might have I think.

How did I fare?

This year’s shopping list (in order of priority):
Gold taffeta (possibly shot with black if I can find it) for the Dalek Day Dress (possibly also a ballgown bodice). Minimum 10 yards, trying for closer to 14 or so since I have no idea how much I’ll need for all the extra bits.
-Fabric for the Belle dress for this year’s Halloween Gaskell. Not sure about the final design yet (definitely not a movie replica, bleh), but it’ll clearly need to be gold as well.
Fabric for another Dickens dress. I already have one dress lined up, but I’d like to have another. I have a few dress ideas already so I just need to keep my eyes out for anything that might work for any of them.
-Some fabric for a ball gown to match my aqua/copper trim I purchased last year from Britex.
-Any particularly awesome trims or laces for various projects.

Not too bad. We didn’t really run into anything that caught my eye to go with the aqua/copper trim and I didn’t really find what I was looking for to make the bridesmaid dress for Roo’s wedding. But, in addition to the fabric crossed off the list, I picked up some more aqua/orange stripes and some awesome cotton to practice the bridesmaid dress pattern. But enough words, time for pictures!

Dalek Dress fabric!! Exactly what I was looking for. 55″ gold dupioni shot with black. Got a deal for $15/yd since I used up the rest of one of his bolts (I plan on paneling the skirt so it didn’t need to be one continuous piece) and walked out with 15 yards. *happy sigh* I’m committed to the project now!

Belle dress fabric for the Halloween Gaskell. Another deal at $14/yd for 55″ silk dupioni and came out with 12 yards. I’m really lucky to have found this. Originally I was looking in another store at a much paler yellow dupioni that was $20/yd, but I was waffling on the fabric color and type. It didn’t help that one row over was some of the most beautiful taffeta I have ever touched. One side was a darker yellow satin, the other side a bright yellow satin. And $30/yd plus it was heavy to boot. As much as I wanted it, Roo and Christina helped me brainstorm out the actual design of the skirt and there was just no way it would flow or lay right if we put in less fabric than intended. Also sadly, they didn’t have a good shade of orange for the bridesmaid dress or I definitely would have snapped it up. But, it all worked out since I like this deeper gold color much much better and since it’s cheaper, I didn’t mind buying more. Also, this skirt is going to be an absolute timesink to make. But totally worth it.

Of course I wound up picked up a bit more of the aqua/orange stripe. It was the same $6/yd, so I picked up 2.5 more yds and should be able to fit two more panels in the skirt and still have leftover. Also, they had tassel brooches and Roo found me one in the perfect colors to go on the bodice. I was talked out of buying two. Ahem.

Gorgeous silk taffeta. Bought 7 yards at 55″ for somewhere between $20-25/yd. Currently planned for a new Dickens dress and the contrasting color will be the brightest red I can find. We may continue the theme of, um, themes and this will likely become a cheerleader skirt style (panels of contrasting fabric pleated between the rest of the skirt fabric), but since I have so much of it, I’m thinking I may make the plaid my primary color and red the contrasting. Either way, I plan on making both a day dress and ball gown bodice.

The last (also the first) store we went to was filled with gorgeous Hawaiian prints. Inevitably, we each got some in our own style. When I saw the colors together, I just couldn’t resist. We’ll be testing out the wedding/bridesmaid dress pattern in these fabrics and plan to wear them to the more casual dance events. $6/yd and 6 yards of the green and 2 of the pink. I plan on trimming the green in the pink for a particularly nauseating effect. The jewelry was 3 for $10 and well, how could I resist further matching?

And that’s it! There were some other fabrics I had been eying over the course of the day, but none stood out enough to warrant spending more money. In the end, the damage came out to about $600. Did I mention we only do this once a year?