It’s time! Apparently I’d already started on this dress at some previous point in time because when i went to pull the fabric out of the bag, a number of pieces were already cut and the skirt had been paneled already.

This is the fabric I’ll be working with. It gives a good idea of how the stripes go, but the colors are much brighter and the aqua background shifts to orange as it moves. Like I said, eyesore.

The pieces of the dress:

The Bodice 

24″x45″ piece for the bodice. The plan is to have chevrons at all of the seams. I’ll be using the same basic bodice shape as January’s gown, but I’ve split the center panel in half and instead of darts, I’ve turned them into two separate pieces. That brings my total pattern pieces to 8 (instead of 5). Still debating which side of the fabric to use.

The Skirt

Already conveniently cut and paneled, each panel is about 45″ wide and 39″ long. With 6 panels, it comes out to 7 yards and change. This may seem like a good deal of fabric, but I’d like a bit more. My primary concern is that the skirt is so incredibly lightweight, it won’t move properly. So, there’s a good chance I may line the skirt in cotton to give it some weight.

The Overskirt

This is the skirt I threw together from the original two yards I bought oh so many years ago. At first, I thought I could use it for the bodice as well, but then I stepped back and realized that if I took it apart again, it would make the perfect overskirt. It’s already about knee length, so I just need to put in the swag bits after attaching the ruffle and possibly recut it a bit to fit into the waistband.

The Ruffle

14″ x about 8 yards which will probably be cut into 3 strips to be knife pleated as trim along the hem for the overskirt and possibly the bertha if there’s enough fabric.

The Extra Bit

A 60″x70″ panel I was originally going to also use for the bodice. My hope is to be able to squeeze most of the bodice out of the previous fabric and then use this to get one more 45″x39″ panel for the skirt and use the remainder for any bodice/waistband/bertha needs.

The Trim

Ok, so I haven’t actually bought the trim yet (maybe in Mecca?), but I think I’ll be buying some black velvet ribbon for some edges. Current thoughts are around the bottom of the overskirt and along the edges of the bertha.


The obvious course of action is to make the bodice first with the least amount of fabric possible. I started cutting the canvas and just need to pin/baste it together to check on the basic fit before I cut the rest.

Folding the original front piece to divide it into two halves.

Pinning the cut center front piece to the outline of the side front piece to make sure the lines run smoothly along the top and bottom. Looks good!

All of the front/back pieces laid out.

Yep, going to be ridiculous. Also probably a bitch to match up all of those stripes. I have no idea how well this will work, which is why I plan to be as careful as possible. Now to decide which way the stripes should point…