Ever have one of those projects where you find out all of your measurements, cut everything exactly the way it should, and embroidery away only to find out half way through that it won’t actually fit? Yea, that was my evening last night. I’d been doing really well on the last of the blackwork for Joe’s shirt. The collar was half way done and I conveniently had him sitting on the couch so I thought I’d do a quick try on to see if I needed to squeeze in another pattern repeat or not. Well, I sure don’t need to worry about that anymore because it didn’t even fit. The edges touched, but considering it’s supposed to be his neck measurement, plus seam allowance, plus ease, it’s not a good sign. I suppose I could somehow cut a line down the back, sew in another piece of fabric and just embroider over those bits to blend it together, but it’s just..not..the same. And would drive me crazy.

So, I’m taking a step back and the shirt will be made with just a plain collar for now and the embroidered cuffs. I’ll hold on to the existing piece because, well, it fits me at least so maybe I can turn it into a partlet collar later on. Possibly with little bees in the diamonds instead of crosses.