April’s 12 in 12 is winding down quickly. All that’s left really is the skirt hooks, hand sewing the armholes/shoulder straps closed, and grommeting the bodice (and possibly embroidered over the eyelets). I do also need a new chemise, probably out of a lightweight cotton, and assuming I can finally come up with a go-to pattern I like, I may make two and trim one in lace and the other in some blackwork-edged ruffles. I have until June’s Valhalla Faire to figure it out!

And next up is May!

May’s 12 in 12 will be my aqua and orange striped eye sore of doom. I originally ran across this fabric years ago at Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley as a student.
How could I not immediately be drawn to it? It’s *aqua* and *orange! My favorite color combinations. The picture there really doesn’t do it justice and I’ll be taking more pictures in better light soon. Yes, it’s polyester taffeta, but when you love something as much as I loved that fabric, you make allowances for some things. Sadly, as a student with a part time job and the fabric being overpriced as these things go, I could only pick up a sad 2 yards with the hope of coming back and buying more some day.

But the some day didn’t happen for a number of years. No matter how often I went back, the fabric was never there again. At that point I pretty much gave up on the hope of ever finding it again. I played with the little fabric I had, eventually making a skirt that I was only a little excited about and which was promptly lost in my closet.

And then last year, Roo, Christina, and I were fabric shopping in LA and there it was. Just sitting by the window of a store. Needless to say, my reaction pretty much guaranteed that I wouldn’t be able to haggle the price down a single penny, but I would have paid anything at that point to have it. So I walked out with 12 yards (I think it was maybe $6 a yard anyway) happier that I’d ever been.

So now it’s time. This is not a quiet fabric, so this will not be a quiet dress. It’ll be made up of 4 parts – the underskirt, the overskirt, the bodice, and the bertha – and will likely be accented in black velvet ribbon. I have a number of old drawings from when I first purchased the fabric showing it trimmed in black fringe, but it won’t fit with the new design. Pleats, swags, chevrons, stripes in every direction. This will likely be the most obnoxious thing I make all year. So. Excited!