Two reasons:

  1. I finally sat down and started working on the neckband for Joe’s blackwork shirt. We got his neck measurement added a bit for ease, breathing room, and seam allowance, and away I went. If you’ve never used waste canvas for embroidery where accuracy is important, you don’t know what you’re missing. Baste the canvas on to your existing fabric, embroidery as needed, and then simply pull away the waste canvas one strand at a time (it’s loose weave, so not as tedious as it sounds). I’m doing the majority of each diamond on the first pass so that by the time I go the other direction, there’s just one clear line to finish up.
  1. Ruth was able to break down the how’s and why’s of the heel flap using small enough words that I feel confident enough to make a slip stitch heel flap without the use of a pattern anymore. The skeleton pattern I am following just says to knit across X number of stitches, decrease, turn and go back X stitches, decreasing, turn, wash, rinse, repeat. Now that I actually understand that the idea is to knit across until you have the number of stitches left you want your heel flap to be tall it makes so much more sense. Though that sentence probably did not make much sense unless you knit socks. But now I’m past it on both socks and am in the home stretch of knitting the leg! I have no idea how far I’ll get but I plan on using every last inch of that yarn.