I’ve had to put the socks on hold for now as I’ve reached the slip stitch heel and have ripped back and reknit three times now and still can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’m decreasing at the ends and going back and forth and somehow still have a large number of stitches on one end and wind up with no stitches on the other. Argh. I’ll have to consult my local awesome sock knitter Ruth this weekend as I clearly have no clue what the hell I’m doing. Other than that, though, they fit great!

At the very least this means I’ve been able to get some work done on Joe’s neckband embroidery. Somehow every time I go to the craft store they’re out of black floss but I managed to find one last roll (skein? hank? What the hell do you call those anyway?) in my stash and so far so good.

The bodice is ever so slowly dragging its feet to get done. I really should sew the boning down today and take another look at the fit. With any luck, I can power through the next few steps quickly and hand sew the armholes/shoulder straps closed this weekend as well. Sure.

Ideas have also been forming for next year’s insanity project. I know, I’m not even half way done with this year and I’m already looking to next year.

Also, my sewing is clearly affecting my dreams. I wandered through craft store after craft store looking for more of the aqua and orange polyester taffeta I originally bought at Stone Mountain and Daughters in Berkeley and then again in the fabric district in LA (a.k.a. Mecca) but couldn’t find it anywhere. It was really depressing. Not that I need anymore since I have around 15 yards of it as it is. Also, it’s going to be awesome in that eye-bleeding nausea inducing kinda of awesome. I can’t wait to start next month’s project, but still need to finish this one first!