I wound up having to skip Gaskells this past Saturday thanks to an annoying pain in my back, but made up for it by getting some more sewing done. Last post ended with the skirt panel pleated and pinned to my board so I decided I’d finish up the rest of it.

First, sew down the pleats.

Next, pin to dress form to gloat to the cats about pleats.



Back. Currently overlaps by about 2″.

A little rumpled since it hasn’t been ironed yet, but a good look at the drape.

after that, I cut a 30″ waistband. I decided to use the extra fabric that I’d torn away from the length of the skirt since I didn’t have much use for it otherwise. The downside is that the waistband wouldn’t have been wide enough if I’d just folded the band in half as usual, so instead I cut two identical pieces and had to hope my waistband would be sewed down evenly and not pull the top seam unevenly.

I sewed the inside of the waistband to the pleats first, folded it over and pinned the front down to keep it as straight as possible.


The inside of the skirt. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t miss any pleats or catch any of the lower fabric in the waistband.

Front of the skirt with the waistband attached.  Nice and clean!

I overlocked the open edges, hemmed the bottom another inch or so, and sewed up the back seam. The waistband and pleats still need to be ironed and I need to attach some skirt hooks, but it looks great so far!