I wound up having to rip back the last inch or so of knitting on the toes yesterday. The basic pattern says I should continue my increases until I hit 33 stitches per needle. If my gauge is 7 stitches per inch and there are 66 stitches for the circumference of the foot, that means the sock will be almost 9.5″ around. After trying on the small bit of sock I’d knit to this point, it was obvious that they were going to be too big for my feet and part of the point of knitting toe ups is to make them fit as perfectly as possible. So I started frogging back, ever so slowly, not wanting to miss any stitches, and it sucked. I was more than a little disappointed that I didn’t think about that before I started, but I’m past it and we’re moving on.

There’s a meeting this Saturday for the Ren Faire guild so I’ll make sure to get some knitting in and a very long movie marathon which should be awesome and long on Sunday for even more knitting. Hell, I’d be optimistic enough to bring a second project with me, most likely the blackwork embroidery so I can switch back and forth as certain muscles start cramping up.

Last night I started spinning some of the gorgeous Pigeonroof Studios fiber I purchased from another Ravelry member. Typically, my singles spin really thin with occasional slub and when they’re plied together they’re a decent sock weight yarn. But I have nine braids of this stuff, most of which are more than the typical 4 oz you find so I’m practicing making my singles a little thicker with the hopes to ply them into a worsted weight yarn which I can then knit into a sweater. Inevitably, the cats attempted to eat it at every possible moment. Little monsters.