It’s done, it’s finally done!

Shoulder straps finished and the sleeves are neckline trim have been attached. I also finished a placket (which I took the time to sew down rather than just saying screw it and leaving it floating) and put the hooks and eyes in my skirt. My sleeves and bertha (can it be called a bertha since it doesn’t detach?) aren’t as full as I’d like, but that’s due to not having as much fabric on hand as I’d like and the point is to get rid of what I have, not to buy even more. I also skipped the knife pleating along the bottom edge of the bodice, but I don’t think it takes away too much and just my luck they would have wound up sticking out horizontally at the waist.

The pictures above the show the dress with just one petticoat, and I hear it spins really nicely. I’m excited to put on the others and get some action shots in the coming weeks. That side pleat in the skirt is still bothering me a little, so we’ll see if more ironing does the trick or if I wind up repleating.

Overall, super pleased with everything. I still need to buy some ribbon for lacing and I found a headband that I’m going to take the jewels off of and turn into pins for the front and sides of the neckline, but then it’s done! And a week ahead of schedule even.

On to pondering February’s project!

Edited 4/11/11: Posting an action shot of the finished dress on the day of:

The completed gown at the February Gaskell Ball in Oakland.