So I needed a crazy new resolution to start my sewing year. I normally don’t bother with them, but this year felt like a good year to give it another try. I realized that I had so many projects that needed to be done for different events, but had no idea when I could possibly get them all done. Costumes for DragonCon, Gaskells, Dickens, Ren Faire; it seemed like there was just no way I could actually finish everything without ripping my hair out finishing it all at the last minute. And then I took a step back and realized that if I actually dedicated a full month to each outfit, I *could* finish everything in a reasonable amount of time.

So here’s the plan (roughly):

  • January: Embroidered silk taffeta ball gown (February Gaskell)
  • February: Regency dress (April PEERS)
  • March: Princess Daisy WonderCon/DragonCon dress (April WonderCon/September DragonCon)
  • April: new Sunday Ren Faire dress (end of April), also a good deadline for the blackwork shirt
  • May: Aqua/Orange striped ball gown (June Gaskell)
  • June: Amber Sweet’s Repo! Opera Dress (September DragonCon)
  • July: “Cosmos” ball gown (August Gaskell)
  • August: Dalek day dress/ball gown (September DragonCon)
  • October: red/orange/yellow sari day dress or pink with green pintucks day dress (November Dickens)
  • November: Victorian underwear for days
  • December: red velvet evening gown (January New Year’s)

This is a rough outline of the year to come and some thing may switch around or change completely depending on my mood. For example, as I have an idea for an evening gown using the red velvet for an upcoming ball, I’ll likely have to find a new December project. Also, I plan on keeping November/December low key if possible since most of my weekends are sucked up by dancing at Dickens.

The hard and fast rule is that once the month starts, I’m committed to the project.