Here is the new set of photos from the shoot in Willard Park. The hue and saturation levels had to be adjusted by a bit to get the actual colors to show through, and thankfully it didn’t leave me looking like I’d been locked in a spray tan salon overnight. All of these items will be added to the Etsy shop, one per day and in multiple sizes. The majority of the items seem to lean towards Classic Lolita, but I don’t plan on restricting the shop to just one type. If I see something I like, I’ll use it.

Pink and Cream Floral Striped Skirt

Looking at these pictures now, I’m disappointed that we didn’t think to take more photos of the prints in daylight as this one came out really well. I’ll likely end up taking more pictures in the near future to show off the details further. This is currently the only skirtlisted (one in S/M and another in M/L), though I’ll be adding the other items to the store daily.

Brown and Gold Circle Skirt

I can’t help it, this is still my favorite skirt despite being the easiest by far to make. I may have to add more circle skirts in the future as they are wonderfully swishy and full.

Aqua Scalloped Skirt with Purple Knife Pleats

Of all the skirts I worked on, this one was probably the most time intensive and difficult to get right. The scalloped edging took a lot of fiddling and adjusting, but still really thrilled with how well it turned out. After the actual scallops, the biggest challenge was getting them to match up correctly at the seam and it turned out so well, you can’t actually tell where the scallops begin or end.

Double Tiered Plaid and Yellow Skirt with Adjustable Swags

I was instantly in love with this plaid when I saw it, I knew I had to do *something* with it. The only real down side to this skirt is that I only had time to make the S/M size before the photos, so while the skirt does fit me, it’s definitely not full enough for my tastes. Thankfully, the blue and white version I made for myself is the exact same design and, since it was custom to my measurements, has the perfect hem circumference. This version had a lot of improvements, though, including button holes for where the ribbon threads through. In future versions, I may try small grommets, though, to make the inside look even neater.

Double Tiered Blue and White Skirt with Adjustable Swags

This last photo is definitely my favorite from the entire day… Even without the petticoat, the skirt is still quite large, but after seeing it *with* the petticoat, I don’t think I can wear it any other way. It’s absolutely perfect for me.

Overall, I’m decidedly pleased with the first run. I’m already planning new skirt designs, new fabrics to use for existing designs, and how to go about expanding to JSK’s and OP’s (guess that means I’ll have to figure out shirring next to keep things adjustable).